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Special Interest Tours

Turkey offers something for everyone. Our past guiding experience gives us a broad vision in bringing forth the scarce treasuries of Turkey. Our tailor-made itineraries contain surprising 'off the beaten path' escapades to have our guests view the local colors and customs closely. Bearing in mind that guides are the prime importance for special interest tour, our guides are selected among the most experienced, knowledgeable and caring people who are specialized on following themes;

  • Archaeology (Hittites, Urartu, Greek & Roman)
  • Arts (all traditional and modern arts in Turkey)
  • Folk Dances
  • History
  • History of Arts
  • Religious Heritage (Christian, Jewish and Islamic traces and contemporary issues)
  • Turkish Culinary Heritage (experimental site trips)
  • Music Groups and Choirs (we arrange performances at historical and fascinating venues)
  • Sports and hobby (oil wrestling, camel fighting, hiking, bird watching, and photography)
  • Architecture (Byzantine, Seljuk & Ottoman Turkish, Islam)
  • Student & Alumni groups


  • Royal Garden History Society U.K
  • Stellenbosch Hilton's Boy Choir, South Africa
  • Swedish Arts History Group Sweden
  • Drakensberg Boys Choir South Africa
  • North West College Group U.S.A.
  • Balkan Dances Association, Japan
  • Biblical College Group U.S.A.
  • Struma Project, U.S.A.
  • Italian Culinary Academy
  • Berekat Foundation, U.K 
  • Bridge Club Live, U.K 
  • Kaplan Fund, U.S.A.
  • World Monuments Fund, U.S.A