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You can drive in Turkey with EU, US or International driving license. You should have your driving license, your passport and insurance documents of the vehicle with you in the car at all times, as you will need it if you are involved in an accident. All of the major international car rental companies, as well as a number of local ones, have offices at airports and all major centers.
Driving in Turkey is on the right, as in continental Europe. Turkish road signs conform to the International Protocol on Road Signs and archaeological and historic sites are indicated by yellow signs. Turkey has a good network of well-maintained roads. There is a 50 km per hour speed limit within urban centers and 90 km outside urban centers (120 km on Motorways). Petrol stations are fairly easy to find and on main highways, they are often open 24hrs and have restaurants and other facilities attached. Unleaded (kurşunsuz) petrol is easily available. Garages for repairs are often concentrated on certain streets within a town or can be found on highways.
If you are planning on driving to Turkey, as well as your passport, you will need to take your international driving license, car registration documents and international green card (insurance card) with the TR sign clearly visible (NB: This can be purchased on arrival at the border). You can bring your own car into the country for up to six months. If you wish to keep you car in Turkey for more than six months, you are liable to pay import tax.

Public Transport

The preferred means of transport in Turkey is by coach and the air-conditioned intercity coach services are comfortable, fast and inexpensive. Each town has a bus station (otogar), where each bus company has its own office, where you can make reservations and buy tickets. Alternatively, you can buy tickets from local travel agencies.
In big cities, especially in Istanbul public transport is rather complicated and not very efficient. If you are planning to stay more than a couple of days in Istanbul it would be recommended to buy a pre-paid ticket system ( AKBİL ) to use the integrated public transportation system. Akbil can be used in public busses, subway ( Metro ), tramway and the ferries.

Although difficult to find in rush hours and in rainy weather some times taxis are plenty and rather inexpensive all through day and night. Please make sure that they run their meters.