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Turkey is generally a safe country for foreigners. While tourists enjoy an extra tolerance from the locals in the country side, it would be ideal to remain cautious in the big cities and in the major tourist areas, especially pickpockets might be a headache some times.
Female travelers are advised to keep in mind that the many traditions of Turkey might be different from than home and cultural differences might lead to some unexpected misunderstandings. Your respect to local traditions regarding proper clothing in the sacred places and in the country side will be highly appreciated and welcomed by the people.

ID Cards and Passports
Turks have compulsory ID cards, which they must carry with them at all times. Foreigners are also expected to carry such ID with them, which means that you should keep your passport with you at all times. In case you loose your passport, you should immediately contact your country's embassy or consulate in Turkey.

There are two types of police in Turkey - civil police and military police, gendarme. In many areas you will see that there is the one or the other, and that both fulfill the same function. In some places, there are also specialist tourist police. If you need to report a crime you should go to the nearest police station to where the crime occurred. In touristy areas there will usually be someone available, who speaks English or you can always request a translator. You will usually be asked to submit and sign a statement. It is advisable to request a copy of any relative document in case you need it at a later stage.
Please note that bringing into or out of the country, together with consumption of, marijuana and other narcotics is strictly forbidden and is subject to heavy punishment. If you have prescribed medication, which you need to take on holiday with you, you will need a doctor's note and/ or a copy of your prescription..
Medical Treatment
You will need to pay for any medical treatment which you receive in Turkey. For this reason it is advisable to take out medical insurance before traveling. It is not difficult to find English-speaking doctors in all but the most remote areas. There are some very good private hospitals with high international standards in Istanbul and major tourist routes. There also foreign run hospitals in many of the larger towns and resorts. There are pharmacies in most places with trained pharmacists who are able to offer advice on minor illnesses. Many more medicines are available over the counter.

Emergency Numbers
Emergency 112
International Operator 115
Directory Assistance 11811
Reversed Charge Calls 131
Police 155
Gendarme 156
Fire Department 110